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Key Making

Must have a new key made? Is this a damaged key that should be replaced ASAP? Don’t worry. As long as you need key making in Vaughan, Ontario, our company has you covered. Experienced and properly equipped key makers serve Vaughan swiftly. The cost is low, the response is fast, and the Vaughan locksmiths are prepared to make keys. If you need a new key, contact Locksmith Vaughan.

Vaughan key making pros quickly serve

Key Making Vaughan

Since making keys with precision is a must, don’t take chances. Reach us. If it’s time for you to book key making, Vaughan pros are ready to serve. Simply contact our team, say what you need and when you need it. A pro will be there to make new keys for you.

Whether you seek a car or house keys maker, our team is at your service. Locksmiths come out to make home, office, commercial, and car keys. They can make keys for all types of locks. Also, for door locks, cabinet locks, mailbox locks, and more. If it comes to making car keys, they are also equipped and qualified to program chip keys. Just tell us if you need a car keys maker.

Need to have a key replaced? Or, a key duplicated?

From key duplicating to replacing damaged keys, the pros tackle all jobs as fast as possible – always with the right equipment and full attention to the project. Making keys is not always a straightforward job. There’s often a need to have a special key made. Or a car key made. Or to extract a broken key and replace it. It’s fair to say that not all situations are the same. But you can leave all situations to us. If you need key making, we are the team to contact no matter what service you need. From key cutting to broken key replacement, we cover all needs.

Key makers prepared to offer any needed service

  •          Key duplication. Want more copies of one key? Contact us. Whether you need one or more copies of a key, a pro will shortly respond equipped to make the keys you need.
  •          Key replacement. It’s best to replace keys when they start showing signs of damage. Like when you notice dents, corrosion, or distortion. If that’s your case, hurry to contact us.
  •          Key extraction & key making. Did your ignition key get stuck in the switch? Did you turn the house key with force and now the key is broken? On all occasions that you may need a key removed from the lock and possibly replaced, reach out.
  •          Key change & lock rekey. New keys are made when the original ones are stolen. If that’s your case, hurry to reach us. A locksmith will shortly come out to rekey the lock and make new keys.

Anywhere across Vaughan, key making is hassle-free and easy. You just have to contact our company and you will soon have a new key – and your problem gone. How about it? Should we talk?